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graphixdiva's Journal

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What Is GraphixDiva?

GraphixDiva is a graphics community created by pumpkinking03 so that he may post his graphics for other users to use. These graphics include (but are not limited to) icons, banners, layouts, etc.

What GraphixDiva Isn't

This is not a community for other livejournal users to post their graphics. Please see pop_icons if you wish to post your own graphics.

How To Request Something

I do take requests.

To request something just fill out one of the forms below and post it in a comment to any entry in the journal.

Make sure you fill out the form in detail.

NOTICE: I will not be taking anymore requests until further notice.

The reason for this is because I want to do a lot of things with this community to make it more organized and I keep getting requests and spending all my time on those.

So for a few weeks I won't be doing requests.

Icon/Banner Request Form

Images: (provide links or use LJ CUT)
Size: please state if it's an ICON or BANNER
Text: (ex. font style, size, color)
Image effects: (ex. swirls, hearts, stars)

Background Request Form

Screen resolution: (ex. 800x600, 1024x768)
Background image/images: (provide links or use LJ CUT)
Background position: (ex. top, center, left, right)
Background colors: (provide color codes if possible)
Background effects: (ex. swirls, hearts, stars)
Other background customization:
Livejournal style: (ex. generator, tabular indent, default)

Set Requests

I do take set requests.

Each set will include a journal background/header, an animated icon, and a friend's only/userinfo banner.

If you want a set please state in your comment that you want a complete set and complete all the forms and please specify if you want a header/background or a friend's only/userinfo banner.

The Rules

Rule 1: Post a comment in any entry letting me know which graphic is being used and where.

Rule 2: Please don't claim these graphics as yours. I worked very hard on them.

Rule 3: All graphics are shareable expect for those which were made by request.

Rule 4: Please don't take graphics if you're not going to use them.

Rule 5: Please upload graphics to your own server.

Rule 6: Credit is a must, not an option. It's the only thing I ask for in return.

Rule 7: The personal icons of pumpkinking03 are off limits unless they were posted in an icons batch. Anyone found using my personal icons will receive a warning on The Naughty List.


Credit is not an option. It is a must.

When crediting for an icon you must credit either pumpkinking03 or graphixdiva in the picture keywords.

If you're feeling nice you can also credit me in your userinfo.

If you're crediting a layout or header or banner you must credit in your journal userinfo.

You can do this with my banner which looks like this:

You can copy and paste the code from the "Credit" section of the GraphixDiva website.

If you don't want to post the banner (for whatever reason) just put a link back to graphixdiva in the userinfo.

Anyone found not giving credit will be placed on The Naughty List.

The Naughty List

The Naughty List is a list of users who have not been giving credit. Everytime I warn you about credit issues you will get an "X" beside your name on The Naughty List. After three warning you will be banned from the community.

Click here to view The Naughty List.

The Site

You may have noticed there's a website link called "The Archive". This is the "official" GraphixDiva website.

On the site I have all the past icons, layouts, headers, etc. that I've made.

So if you're looking for something and it's not posted here it might be there.

The webiste is password protected and you'll be able to find the password in a journal entry. If you cannot find the entry post a comment in an entry asking for the password and I'll gladly give it to you.

Everytime I have to ban a user the password of the website will be changed. (Anyone found giving the website password to users who aren't members of the community or users who have been banned will be banned without warning.)


For help with override codes, placing headers, etc. please check out howto.

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